Rosies – Friends on the Street is a not-for-profit organization with over 900 active volunteers across Queensland. Their mission is to help the underprivileged and marginalised – especially those who are homeless, or at a risk of homelessness.

Rosies regularly provides aid and assistance to Toowoomba’s underprivileged population at various parks around the city. On Wednesday 20th May, the Rosies team leader asked for RRT’s assistance as their regular team was unable to make it. So, that Friday the Toowoomba Rapid Relief Team lent Rosies a hand, and served a hot meal to about 20 people.

The meal was a simple Aussie sausage sizzle, served with a choice of a hot or cold drink. The night was so cold and the hot food so welcome, that many people came back for a second, third and even a fourth helping!

RRT served at the park between 5pm and 7pm, and enjoyed having the opportunity to help people from our community. The people served were very appreciative and there were many encouraging and thankful comments. Two men even wanted to ‘do their bit’ and stayed behind to help RRT pack up!

The RRT recognise what an important role Rosies play in our communities, and feel privileged to be able to support them. We look forward to many further opportunities to work along with them in Toowoomba.

Rosies and RRT

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