After a cold day, you head home from work or school to a warm and inviting house; there’s food in pantry and a tasty hot dinner coming your way. Like most of us, it’s probably something that you unwittingly take for granted.

Not everyone has it that easy. It clearly showed on the excited faces of young (and not so young!) Parkinson Ave residents, as a band of young RRT volunteers set up their stand and aromas of spaghetti bolognaise filled the street.

This disadvantaged group is served a hot, nutritious meal on a regular basis (1/week, location alternates) free of charge. This provides an element of stability in their lives, particularly those of school age and younger. The Carevan volunteers don’t only provide food, their care extends beyond that. They provide household necessities, give away clothing and are always open to lending an understanding ear.

On this particular occasion the RRT provided the meal in place of the Carevan. We served bread, hot milo, water and fruit in addition to the spaghetti bolognaise. Any leftovers were packed up as ‘take-aways’ to help out with meals during the rest of the week.

All who received food expressed great gratitude and thanks. A lesson to us all to be thankful for what comes out of the oven and on to the table each night!!

A great time was had by all volunteers and I’m sure everyone would put their hand up to help out next time!

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