Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, located approximately 30 kilometres southeast of the city centre. It is a highly multicultural city with around half of its residents born overseas and representing a diverse range of ethnic groups, including large populations of resettled refugees. Data released by The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that Greater Dandenong also has the highest number of people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

Facing this formidable challenge is the Cornerstone Centre.  Cornerstone is a faith mission run in the heart of downtown Dandenong. It combines welfare assistance with a drop in facility to meet the needs of the many disadvantaged people in the area. In fact each year over 30, 000 people on the fringes of the diverse communities that make up the cities of Greater Dandenong will come to Cornerstone for assistance.

Cornerstone is trans-denominational, administered by Christians from a variety of church backgrounds. During the year over 27,000 meals are distributed including a well-attended free breakfast service on Wednesdays and Fridays.

RRT is pleased to be able to support such a vitally needed organisation as Cornerstone.  On 20th November 2014 the RRT was honoured to take the responsibility for providing an additional Thursday breakfast for Cornerstone patrons.

A delicious and hearty meal of bacon and egg burgers with hash browns was served to approximately 85 appreciative Cornerstone patrons, some of which came back for 3 or 4 servings!!

A RRT band was also playing to provide entertainment.  This band comprising young enthusiastic RRT members, performed a range of songs from old favourites to modern pop and was very well received.  In fact one patron commented “they are good, they sound like One Direction!!”

The Stranger

Someone Else’s Dream

She’s So Gone

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