Dandenong, a suburb in the south-east of Melbourne, has become a multicultural centre with exceptionally high immigration rates.

Unfortunately this vibrant cultural vortex hub has a sad but often ignored problem.  Dandenong now suffers the highest homeless rate in the state of Victoria.  Due to a severe lack of affordable housing, employment opportunities and the rise in substance abuse: homeless levels are reaching crisis levels.

Since 1992 the multi-faith Cornerstone Mission has been committed to those that have slipped through the net and have found themselves in a disadvantaged situation.

In fact, under Pastor Don Cameron’s tireless leadership, Cornerstone has become recognised as a safe haven for people who live on the fringes of society. It provides a variety of programs that meet the needs of this very multicultural community

Back in November 2014, RRT assisted Cornerstone with their program to provide breakfast for homeless persons every Thursday and Friday.

Following the success of this event and the repeated invites by both Cornerstone and their patrons, RRT was pleased to come back and again support this worthy cause.

On 9th April, the RRT took responsibility for the regular Thursday breakfast.  A total of 118 delicious bacon and egg wraps with hash browns were eagerly consumed by Cornerstone patrons.

It was heart-warming to witness the gratitude of the breakfast guests.  The appreciation was clearly evident with the hash-browns being particularly popular.

The RRT would like to take this opportunity to commend Cornerstone for their sterling work and we are thankful to be able to be associated with their endeavours.

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