Aaron Holt

Aaron is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in equipment sales and rentals. He has more than 20 years experience supplying equipment to the construction industry. Aaron worked closely with equipment manufacturers to help introduce the iconic RRT catering trailers used by RRT across North America. Aaron is actively engaged in the logistics and maintenance of RRT’s fleet of trailers and is also involved with the event management and operational teams within RRT.

Chester Boyt

Chester’s professional career spans over 14 years in the innovative food processing and sanitation industry. Originating from England, UK, he brings a global perspective to the RRT Board, with a unique blend of experience and techniques that culminate into RRT processes that are engaging, effective and transformational. Chester’s primary role is assisting with event management and to work alongside the operational teams within RRT North America.

Chris Samuels

Chris has been a passionate and active volunteer with RRT since 2015, acting as Local Team Leader before joining the Board of Directors in 2017. His business experience lies in the medical industry which has provided him with an insight into the wide variety of health and disability challenges faced by so many. He sees his work with RRT as a way to compassionately support such persons in their time of need. Chris currently serves as the Fundraising and Finance Director for RRT North America.

Earl Gracey

Earl is a Founder and Managing Director in the private sector with architecture, construction, equipment distribution and real estate developing companies. He is a recognized executive for media exposure and public speaking with substantial media training. Earl not only occupies a seat with the Board of Directors, but also acts as the General Manager for RRT North America.

Greg Cornell

Greg joined the RRT Board in 2014 and now leads the legal, compliance, government relations and risk management departments for RRT North America. He has extensive experience in sales leadership and operations management in the private sector. Greg brings a variety of skills and knowledge to the RRT Board, with a strong focus on team building, and organizational structuring.

Greg Johnstone

Greg has been an active Director of RRT North America since 2014. He is the General Manager of an equipment company that specializes in asphalt related machinery. Providing the industry with leading equipment, knowledge and the expertise to increase productivity and safety on each jobsite is his mission. Greg's superior understanding and technical know-how of equipment was relied upon in the design of the iconic RRT trailers. Since their induction, he has assisted with logistics and maintenance of the entire fleet. Greg is also energetically involved in event management and assisting the operational teams within RRT.

Randy Thomas

Randy was elected to the Board in 2017, as the national food coordinator, with a background in catering management for large events. Randy also brought with him a deep understanding of the Corporate and Public Sector, and his role eventually evolved into Brand Awareness. He is the managing director of a project management firm working on large capital projects with Fortune 500 companies, and he has helped grow the RRT brand to attract philanthropic funding opportunities in North America.

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