Communities right across the State have been left in shock and facing a significant clean up and recovery task because of the severe storm.  

RRT teams from Columbus, Indianapolis and Knoxville banded together to provide assistance in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

RRT has been on the ground serving hot meals and providing relief to impacted families.

The area has been declared a federal disaster zone, and thousands of locals are facing homelessness, as well as food, water and power shortages.

“It was a privilege to help the people of Bowling Green, Kentucky after a tornado steam rolled their neighbourhood,” Kevin Traun, RRT Local Team Leader for Knoxville, Tennessee said.

“A gentleman on Old Tram Road that we gave an RRT Snack Pack to told us about hunkering down in the bathroom with his family as his home had no basement. As the winds screamed around them and they prayed, suddenly the entire roof went up two feet and then fell back down on the house with a crash. He said “I never want to have to go through that again!” Kevin continued.

RRT provided Frontline Snack Packs and soft toys of Cookie the Kookaburra to local families and children affected by the tornado and hosted a large catering event to support displaced locals and first responders. The team also walked door-to-door to deliver RRT Snack Packs to those in need.

“While only small, we hope it goes a little way to provide some comfort in this difficult time,” Kevin said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the communities devastated by this incredible force of nature.”

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