On October 7, 2017, the air was cool and damp with a slight tinge of pink along the horizon as the first shift of RRT volunteers arrived at Vogel Elementary in Seguin, Texas for the Bike MS to the River event. This event raised over $1,300,000 to help fund research and clinical programs for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Excited to get the day started, the volunteers took a quick tour of the site and began unloading the trucks and setting up the stations and stands for the dedicated MS cyclists who were going to arrive in about three hours.

RRT with the Arby’s team

Soon the quiet school yard became a hum of activity as the Arby’s catered lunch line was set up, the snack booth was made ready for the cyclists and bike racks began to take shape. Water and Propel drink dispensers were assembled and lined up ready for the first riders to come.

Setting up the Snack Stand


The RRT Truck used for this event

Around 10:00am, the first groups of cyclists arrived ready for quick refreshment.  To get back on the road, they hurried around refilling their drink bottles grabbing snack bars and fruit to tie them over until their next stop.

Vogel Elementary – Lunch Station for MS Bike

After the first group of riders, there was a slight lull which enabled RRT volunteers to regroup and get themselves ready for the bulk of the riders. Around this time, a couple of new RRT reinforcements arrived to take the place of several volunteers from the first shift.

Mixing Ice Tea for Arby’s Catered Lunch

Then the bulk of cyclists began arriving. Swarms of cyclist in colorful team outfits chatted with one another discussing their ride thus far and offered encouraging words for the next leg of the journey. The lunch line was filed through as the cyclists collected sustenance for their bodies and snacks were poked in pockets for easy snacking as they rode along. The support for MS research was overwhelming. Each cyclist was dedicated to the cause whether it be a friend, family member or even themselves they were cycling for.

Bike Racks

Once refueled, the cyclist once again headed back down the road towards New Braunfels as their end destination and goal. As the last bike disappeared down the road, the RRT volunteers began to dismantle the station and repack the trucks.

Helping hungry cyclist

Overall the day was very successful!  RRT San Antonio was grateful to be part of the MS Bike event and look forward to the opportunity of helping again the next time the MS organization needs them!


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