April 22, 2017 the RRT provided a meal from the RRT trailer to The Strong Foundation – homeless shelter. This shelter isn’t just any kind of shelter – The Strong Foundation, houses homeless families with children who have chosen to do all they can to get back on their feet.

Backing into The Strong Foundation parking lot.

At 4:00pm, The RRT team arrived at the shelter and began setting up the trailer to begin prep work and grilling. Soon the hustle and bustle and yummy smells lured children from the shelter. Curious little ones and their parents came to have a look then quickly scurried off to the play set patiently awaiting their supper.

RRT members setting up!

The final assembly fell into place as the RRT team laid out supper for the families with a menu consisting of hot burger and sausages with RRT logo bun, a side of watermelon, veggies, fruit and potato chips. Soon there was a long line of mothers, fathers, and children coming through the buffet. It was a thrill to see the excitement in the children’s eyes as they chose their perfect burger.

Serving line for dinner of Burgers and Sausages.

With supper coming to a close the families began to disperse back to their rooms and the play set. However, the RRT menu was not complete! Two RRT team members hurried back into the trailer and rolled out a cart full of warm chocolate chip cookies! Around the patio, eyes lit up with delight. Boxes of candies were soon to follow! The children flocked around stuffing their mouths and pockets with treats for later.

Ready Stamped buns keeping warm.

Then came the time to pack up – clean-up was a breeze with the triple wash sink. Designated jobs ensured that pack up was streamlined and efficient.  RRT was privileged to be able to serve The Strong Foundation and provide a hot meal to their families. It was amazing to see the energy and passion of Pastor Jim and his team and to be a part of their mission to help homeless families.

RRT volunteers filling a child’s pocket with lollies.

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