The American Cancer Society Making Strides Event and the color pink, PINK everywhere and in many different forms, this is the sign of support in the FIGHT against breast cancer. October, being the month of awareness for breast cancer, the American Cancer Society was out in force.

Sea of Participants Wearing Pink supporting cancer

On October 21, 2017, the day started perfectly with a clear fresh fall morning the sky still dark at 6:30 am. The Hart Plaza was a great location for the event right alongside the General Motors Head Office, which was lighted in pink to show their support to the event and as you scanned the skyline there were more buildings highlighted in pink to show their support.

RRT Volunteers on Hand in front of the CM Tower

With the sun rising to the east, looking across the river at our friendly neighbors from Canada, the RRT Team set to work setting up tables and refreshments kindly donated by Kroger, who also had a team of staff attending to support the cause. The RRT Team also assisted with track setup and locating the cheer leader stations and placing markers for the cheer leaders to help find the correct station. T-Shirts were being sold and people needed to be directed around the plaza.

American Cancer Society Supporters

The walkers soon started arriving.   Friends were meeting and teams were getting together and there was soon large crowds gathering for the start. With around 22,000 people attending the event there was a sea of Pink in every direction. This event is the 4th largest American Cancer Society event in USA.  The Detroit RRT were soon deployed in ushering the walkers to the start line and helping everyone to get ready for the walk.  At the start line, the team was also in action helping to direct those in wheel chairs and strollers as the first part of the course headed down a set of stairs.

Finish line refreshments

The day finished with clearing the course of signs and preparing the tables and chairs for collection by the Two Men in a Truck.  Mission accomplished the RRT Team left Hart Plaza with another charity happy with the work done. The team enjoyed being involved in this work helping others and being able to give a bright smile to those that need it.


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