The Rapid Relief Team from Columbus arranged an amazing event, serving 555 meals over 5 days to residents of Gahanna, Ohio, who are in need. Working with GRIN (Gahanna Residents in Need) RRT personnel had the privilege of serving children and families who otherwise may not have eaten a substantial meal that day.

RRT Stationed At The Goshen Lane Primary School.

“GRIN is a community-wide, faith-based organization committed to helping the residents of the Gahanna-Jefferson school district. This organization helps provide food, children’s clothing, rent & utility assistance, school supplies, weekend help for children, holiday gifts & meals and summer lunches for Gahanna students!”

A Million Dollar Smile! Sitting Down To Each Lunch.

For six years, GRIN was run as a simple food pantry out of a home until in 1978, when it was relocated to a local church, allowing more room for growth. Years later GRIN has its own facility in Gahanna, where they continue to provide incredible support to those of their community.

(GRIN) Gahanna Residents In Need Facility.

On Monday, August 8, 2018, RRT Team Players from Cleveland drove two hours south to Columbus, to kick off the event by serving lunch on the first day. On Tuesday RRT in Columbus took over and continued serving lunch every day for the rest of the week. The families who were recipients of these daily meals included; Single mothers and their children, many grandmothers who are the primary caretaker of their grandchildren, war veterans and other residents from the city of Gahanna.

RRT Cleveland Serving Lunch On Monday. RRT Preparing Food Using One of RRT’s Cooking Trailers.

RRT prepared the food on site of the Goshen Lane Primary School, using one of the RRT Purpose-Build Cooking Trailers. Each meal consisted of a sizzling burger or gourmet hot dog, a bag of chips and water bottles. Grilled Onions, Bacon and even grilled Pineapple topped these burgers, making them delicious, juicy and satisfying for every bite!

A RRT Signature Burger.

The Rapid Relief Team was very grateful for the opportunity to serve the residents of Gahanna, by offering not only a meal, but a warm smile and a helping hand.

Helping Carry The Lunch Boxes For Some Of The Residents.

After the event, one of the RRT Volunteers stated, “It was such an honor to serve children, and truly inspiring to see all their happy faces.”

One of The Many Smiling Children.


Watch RRT In Action

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