On Saturday, May 13, the Knoxville RRT team had an event to feed the firefighters at their local downtown fire station. The purpose of the meal was to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication the firemen showed during the forest fires in the Great smoky mountains in November, which destroyed many families and homes in the area. The fires had caused a lot of hard, endless nights for the firefighters in the area, and around.

Prepping Food on the grill

The team set up their RRT food trailer in the parking lot, and set to work grilling “one of a kind” burgers for the men at the station to enjoy. It took dedication and team work  to pull it off but soon the burgers were sizzling on the grill, and fresh fruit and veggies were being cut. These burgers came complete with the RRT brand on top of the bun, chips, fresh fruit, and cookies and chocolate cake for dessert. The meal was served by the RRT team to each person as they walked through the line, and then seconds and thirds were passed to the men. The meal was greatly appreciated by all, and as one firefighter stated, ” I have had dreams of people constantly bringing me food, and now, It’s a reality”.

Logoed burgers ready to be served

Grilling the BurgersIt is clear that the efforts were appreciated, as the group of firefighters came over to the trailer after and thanked RRT heartily and offered to show them the fire trucks”.

 RRT inside trailer prepping the watermelon

By the time RRT packed up and left the fire-station, the men were well fed and full of appreciation for what had been provided for them.

Thank you for your services, Enjoy!!


Firemen helping themselves

The event was a great success in showing appreciation to the men who fought so hard and risked their lives during those smoky days in November, to save not only lives, but families, and heritage.

RRT serving sides and dessert.




RRT Posing with the Fire Department Crew

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