The week of Memorial Day 2016, was ironically perfect timing to start preparing for the annual Warrior Games, which were held at the West Point Military Academy on June 15th – 21st, 2016.

RRT Serving Hot Dogs At The West Point Military Academy.

The 2016 DoD Warrior Games showcased the enduring strength of our service men and women who have overcome adversity and are using adapted reconditioning to become resilient warrior athletes. Each year these Warrior Games play a fundamental role in the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of the service members back to their units or as they transition into the civilian sector.


Cycling Around the Track.


Warrior Athlete Runners On The Track.

Excitement built as everyone was looking forward to the start of this event. The different teams competing in the games were the; Army, Airforce, Marines, Navy, Special Ops and the United Kingdom! These contestants could compete in archery, cycling, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, their track and field events, and wheel chair basketball.

Unloading The Delivery Trucks.

With only two weeks to go before day 1 of the games, there was a huge effort needed to prepare the Joint Operation Command Center (JOCC), with barracks, sporting venues, stages, wayfinding signage, etc. The tasks seemed large, as this event was well spread out over the 16,080 acre campus. Various delivery trucks arrived on campus throughout the week to deliver supplies needed to carry out this event, and as the weekend neared there was plenty to be done.

Making Up Beds For The 248 Athletes.


Filling Bags With Sand Using A Construction Cone And Ladder.

 By the end of the day on Saturday, June 4th, the Warrior Teams along with the help of many volunteers, including 35 RRT volunteers, had the barracks set-up and 248 beds made ready for the warrior athletes.

Grilling Hot Dogs To Be Served At The RRT Tent.

The following days seemed to fly past, and before long the vans and buses began arriving with the Warrior Athletes. The Weekend before the Games began, there was still much to be done and with the help of The Warrior Games Teams and dedicated volunteers, sand bag weights were filled, uniforms sorted and the final prep to the stages were completed. On Saturday, June 11th, the Rapid Relief Team treated the hard working athletes, volunteers and staff, to a complimentary bar-b-que lunch of hot dogs, potato chips & ice cold water. The Rapid Relief Team cooked-up and served over 1,000 hot dogs!

Serving Our Troops!

These Warrior Games highlight the great sacrifice that our warriors have made to defend the freedom of this great Country, our Allies and to make the world a safer place. They deserve our highest honor!

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