On Saturday the 10th of February a fire started at Mount Canobolas on the western side. The fire quickly gained momentum and had spread across approximately 150 ha by Saturday evening.

The fire was relatively close to wineries, orchards and major communications infrastructure critical to the rural communities and getting this fire under control was of utmost importance.

More than 1671 hectares have been burnt to date and 170-180 fire fighters have been working per shift to contain the fire, supported by water bombing aircraft including the large DC10 from Sydney.

Central West RRT volunteers kept in close contact with the RFS during Sunday morning, and as the fire worsened, RRT started catering for the emergency crews, volunteers and all those involved with the bush fire from mid-morning and onward.

RRT set up in the Mt Canobolas RFS headquarters at Lake Canobolas and have since provided 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which continued up until today, the 16th February 2018.

Approximately 4500 meals have been served since Sunday. On the busy days there was up to 1200 meals to prepare and serve in a 24 hr period. A special mention goes to the Country Women’s Association, who prepared and made up meal packs to be sent out to the fire fighters in the field.

A lot a produce and refreshments were donated by the very generous local shops and food chains. It is inspiring to see how the community joins forces in events such as these to help humanity.

A big thanks to all the volunteers who have donated their time and worked long days, with breakfast starting between 4-5am going through to 10-11am and then the dinner shifts commencing from 5pm and finishing at around 11pm every day.

All have been extremely grateful for the services of RRT, expressing their thanks and appreciation daily. It has been a pleasure for the RRT to be of service at a time like this and help out the community.

Check out what the local news has to say: http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/5231416/feeding-the-masses-during-the-bushfire-emergencies-photos/?cs=115#slide=2

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