One of the biggest challenges and restrictions faced by many kiwi communities is the recommended household isolation regulations that apply to family members with covid. 

Enduring loneliness and boredom, overcrowded living arrangements, the stress of caring for the sick, accessing healthcare, food, and job security are some of the many issues faced being in isolation. Compounding the problem is the rising cost of living and many have been hardly able to provide the bare necessities for their families in these past few months.

Rapid Relief Team has come in aid to relieve some of that pain by donating food boxes to the especially hard-hit families with the assistance of the Ministry of Social Development and distributed by various charitable organisations throughout New Zealand.

Food boxes on the assembly line getting ready for distribution

Providing the food boxes with the basic necessities to get through a few days allows the families to focus on recovery from the illness, and relieves the stress of finding a designated person to shop for the groceries while in isolation.

RRT has worked closely with the Ministry of Social Development to take care of this need for at-risk families, who may have reached out through the Police, their family doctor, or welfare agencies.  This outreach often includes extended families caring for each other in times of need.

The Ministry of Social Development has provided RRT with generous funding assistance, which has enabled us to provide greater volumes of food boxes to various welfare and charitable organisations for the needy during these difficult times.

boxes often include diapers

Since January to date, we’ve donated  in excess of 6,500 food boxes, for families self isolating (SIQ) with covid!


"Hi, my family and I would like to thank you for the quick action to deliver us a food box together with babies' diapers. Really really appreciate it. We are a family of 5 and my husband had tested positive and our baby is not well. With that, we had bills piled up, but with the help of the food box we don't have to struggle to pay as we can put a little money towards the bills and get our baby better. Thank you so much once again!"

Azaria, Mum of 5 | Otara | Auckland

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