Oamaru Hospital is revolutionizing medical training with a state-of-the-art arm trainer, gifted by the Rapid Relief Team in NZ. This advanced tool enables medical professionals to practice blood-drawing and cannula insertion techniques on a realistic arm, further enhancing their skills and delivering better patient care.

This piece of equipment, worth $3,000NZD is formally known as the ‘Arm Amputation and Bleeding Control Trainer’ and offers a life-like experience for training medical staff. It features artificial blood and digital pressure, allowing trainees to find the best needle positions for various procedures. The arm trainer is also designed to simulate upper limb amputation, providing realistic bone and blood for practice scenarios focusing on controlling bleeding and hemorrhaging. When a tourniquet is applied correctly, the arm trainer ceases bleeding providing immediate results for the trainees. Included with the tool is a comprehensive curriculum, creating an immersive learning experience for both trainees and instructors with teaching sessions ranging from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

The benefits of the arm trainer are extensive, and the Rapid Relief Team in NZ fully appreciate the need to enhance our healthcare practice through this new era of medical training. The Arm Amputation and Bleeding Control Trainer represents a significant stride forward in preparing medical staff for real-life emergencies, ultimately benefiting the patients who rely on their crucial services.

Not only does the training arm offer improved competency among medical staff, it also helps reduce the pressure put on the Oamaru Hospital when staff need to travel away to complete training in these procedures. With on-site training now available, travel expenses and scheduling complexities are minimized, ensuring the best level of care for patients.

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