Dear Rapid Relief Team,

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to your team for their timely and generous efforts to get supplies and assistance out to the people and areas affected by the cyclone. My family live in rural Dartmoor and were completely cut off after the storm with no communications or power and with bridges and road destroyed. Our local community bubble was 88 people. The devastation from the cyclone was terrible but the uncertainty of our situation was worse. We had no way of knowing how things were in other areas or when we could expect help.

I can’t express enough how reassuring it was to receive a helicopter drop within the first days after the storm with your Rapid Relief boxes of supplies enough for every family. Not only were the supplies needed but the sense that we weren’t forgotten, and that help was coming was a great morale boost for everybody.

You are doing fantastic work and I want you to know first-hand how much your efforts are appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Alex Feasey

Dartmoor Resident

Hawke’s Bay


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