It’s a fact of life, we take the small things for granted, even a smile can go a long way!

On Saturday 17th July 2021, the Napier RRT team were privileged to cater again at the Special Children’s Extravaganza for its 6th year straight. Aidan Belsham, NZ Event Manager of SCCPNZ, and his team have been putting on magical Christmas events throughout New Zealand for special children and their families since 1998 and extravaganzas since 2005.

At 11am, the doors of the Pettigrew Green Arena flung open, welcoming over 750 Hawkes Bay kids and their families into wonderful day of laughter, led on by cheerleaders, mystical train rides, bouncing castles, surprise gifts and toys to make it very special day.


The children attending, aged 0-12, come from various backgrounds, from multiple locations across Hawkes Bay from as far North as Wairoa to South of Waipukarau, but there is one thing in common – they have all had a tough start in life! Some with life threatening illness, others with physical or intellectual impairment, victims of domestic violence, or from underprivileged circumstances, these little humans are strong fighters in our society.

It was an obvious choice for Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team (RRT) to get involved in such an event, however the catering was no mere task – grills were sizzling as they wrapped over 700 sausages in bread, BBQed 20kg of bacon, served trays of luncheon sandwiches, mountains of fruit, boxes of snacks, rows of soft drinks – all with a trademark smile.

For the 100s of volunteers, it’s always a huge honour and rewarding experience to serve at this event, and making it a special day to remember for all.

The event itself is very well managed by Mark Wikstrom, NZ Operations Manager, along with his team of helpers, which makes it a perfect choice to work with RRT and their team of volunteers. As a major sponsor, RRT very much look forward to this 3hour annual event and do not have to look far to find willing helpers.

Aiden exclaims in his interview, “we could not do without you guys”, referring to team RRT. This spurs our team to continue handing out smiles and showing care and compassion, true to our community spirit.

Smile on – no doubt these kids will keep up the fight in their constant battle with life and we look forward to supporting this event again in 2022, with the knowledge that we can play a small part in what it takes to brighten their lives.

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