Fun, but freezing is what they called the ride.

It’s done in winter for a reason – it’s uncomfortable, but people want to embrace the challenge of those going through cancer.

This is how Scooter Safarians describe the biennial event, Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari, a 250 km ride, from coast to coast with more than 400 city scooters, starting from Christchurch city, making their way over the Southern Alps, through to the township, Hokitika, on the Westcoast, 21 May 2022.

Rapid Relief Team Christchurch volunteer teams felt humbled to provide a meal for these tough travelers. Hundreds arrived at lunchtime for burgers and refreshments at Arthurs Pass Village in sub-freezing temperatures ready for a break and a feed. It just felt so good to be able to offer them a barista coffee.

Catering for the crowd was no mere task, it was a challenge to keep warm – grills were sizzling as 500 patties were turned over and endless trays of bacon, while an assembly line sorted salad, sauces, and bread rolls for the crowd.

The scene was a cheerful one with many dressed in costume with a determined sense of fun, to cover up what some claimed were 13 layers of clothing to keep warm. The breathtaking mountain scenery and bright winter sunlight provided a sense of goodness for everyone there to rally to a day for a good cause.

Elmo was spotted, buzzy bees, teddy bears, and scooters and riders of all shapes and sizes were decorated in playful colours and schemes, contributing to all the fun.

Overall the weather was on our side, later on, there was a little rain once the riders reached Hokitika on the West Coast.

The tally so far is understood to be the most ever raised for this event, reaching $360,000 with these funds going to help so many cancer sufferers in need.

'MASSIVE thank you to you and your team for an impressive setup and an amazing lunch stop. People all raved about it and the military precision style food prep was fantastic!'

Ros Cronk

Event Organiser

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