The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) is glad to continue to support the New Zealand Police, providing essential Food Boxes for distribution to individuals and families in need. This collaboration ensures that those facing hardship have access to nutritious food, bringing relief and hope to many.

Under this agreement, the New Zealand Police are allocated a specific quota of Food Boxes each month, which they distribute at their discretion. In 2023 alone, RRT supplied 7,400 Food Boxes to police stations across New Zealand. These boxes have been a lifeline for many, addressing immediate food needs and offering a sense of community support.

Each RRT Food Box is carefully packed with a variety of non-perishable items designed to provide balanced nutrition. The contents typically include:

  • Cereal
  • Long Life Milk
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Baked Beans
  • Spaghetti
  • Rice/Pasta
  • Meal Pouch
  • Multi Pack Chips
  • Confectionary
  • Raro
  • Muesli Bar
  • Savoury Biscuits
  • Sweet Biscuits

These items are chosen to ensure that recipients have access to nourishing meals, helping them get through tough times with dignity and sustenance.

The impact of RRT Food Boxes has been felt across the country, with many heartfelt stories emerging from their distribution. One such story comes from a Morrinsville Police Officer:

"I attended a job where an older gentleman was the victim of a burglary. While I was talking to him, I noticed that he did not have power or much food in his house. He also mentioned that he doesn't drive or have access to a vehicle, so finds it difficult to go anywhere to get food and access other services. I gave him an RRT Food Box, and he was so overwhelmed by the generosity and help. Referrals were also made to other services."

New Zealand Police Officer

Morrinsville Station

This story underscores the immediate and practical assistance these Food Boxes provide, making a significant difference in the lives of those who receive them.

Another poignant example comes from a Turangi Police Officer:

"Food boxes used to help a family with 10 children who were struggling to provide food for Christmas day. Bars of chocolate were used as presents for the children."

New Zealand Police Officer

Turangi Station

Such stories highlight the broader impact of RRT’s initiative, not just in providing food, but in bringing joy and comfort during challenging times.

RRT’s collaboration with the New Zealand Police exemplifies a strong commitment to community support and welfare. By ensuring that Food Boxes reach those who need them most, we are collectively making a positive difference, one box at a time.

We look forward to continuing this vital partnership, working hand in hand to bring relief and hope to countless individuals and families across New Zealand.

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