Food is a powerful tool. Not only for fuel and sustenance, but also as a means of bringing people together. It’s really the only universal object that has the power to do so – regardless of background, language, purpose or history, our need for nourishment is the one thing that overrides all.

We were grateful that RRT’s food was a means of integration across teams and used as a tool for fostering new relationships, by being a part of the Ministry of Defence’s ongoing UK resilience mission. The mission provides training to a number of emergency service teams, including the London Fire Brigade, USAR and HART teams. The RRT Bristol team were on hand at the event providing bacon and egg breakfasts, sandwiches and snacks for lunch, and our signature burger meal at the end of the day – nearly 1000 meals in total.

Our food helped fuel the new phase of relationships between the teams, and as lieutenant Ollie Bilous pointed out – ‘It’s been vital for our troops as it allows us to intermingle with HART and USAR as we all get feeding together. It allows us to maximise training time out on the ground. If [RRT] weren’t here we would have to have isolated feeding methods… it would hinder our training capabilities.’

We were grateful to be of support, and that our food provided means for continuous integration and training between the first responders.


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