About Early Bird Learning

Early Bird Learning is aimed to assist a flying start for primary school-aged children in difficult circumstances and challenging household conditions. The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) have made Early Bird Learning activity packs and an educational video available to all schools operating a breakfast club.

As a discerning kind of bird Cookie champions four key OFSTED principles. He is a keen proponent of healthy eating and physical wellbeing. He likes to build up resilience and confidence – making the ‘thumbs up’ choices required. For a bird, he’s got great mindfulness and believes in overcoming friendship issues. How can he do that?

Do you run a School Breakfast Club?

You can order your activity packs and receive them within 2 to 3 days! Just fill in your details on the Smartform using the link below, and you will begin your journey with the Early Bird Learning program.

Early Bird Learning Smartform link – Please click here