Five Acre Wood school – a hub of fun, support, and safety for those with learning difficulties and complex needs in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. It’s a school which has its pupils at the heart of everything it does, providing a stimulating and safe learning community to nurture and maximise the potential of every individual and set them up for their journey ahead.

Their six different approaches to learning are proof of this – the Early Years, Practical, Sensory, Formal, Structured and Functional – allows them to create personalised learning pathways for their wide range of pupils, aged two to nineteen years.

The Maidstone Rapid Relief Team were only too glad to be a part of their Woodstock Music Festival this year, continuing the tradition of support that we have upheld for these previous yearly events. Our 807 burger meals and refreshments were a hit with the staff, students, and parents alike!

We were grateful to be a part of their community event, and in the kind words of headteacher Tim Williams, ‘We couldn’t put on this festival event, we couldn’t create an authentic experience for our pupils that have profound, sever and complex learning difficulties without the amazing support of the RRT.’

Here’s to hoping we can be of support to them for many years to come!


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