Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America? The American Heart Association (AHA) is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart diseases and strokes. So, when AHA planned to host a fundraising walk in Washington DC, the RRT volunteers in the Washington region were eager to help.

Some of the 70,000 walkers

The morning of November 7th dawned gray and overcast over the United States Capital Building, as members and volunteers of the American Heart Association began gathering for a big day. RRT arrived early and joined in the preparation. The RRT team was assigned with other volunteers to act as ‘Course Marshalls’ to assist with the flow of the thousands people walking for the cause. Some members of the team assisted the local police force as they shut down streets and directed traffic, while others began putting up signs, and moved into place for the walk to begin.

The AHA Stage in front of the US Capital Building Walking down the streets of Washington DC

Despite the weather, energy was high and camaraderie was in full swing, as throngs of people gathered at the starting line. The starting gun went off, and everyone sprung in to action. The RRT team and other volunteers helped direct the flow as over 70,000 walkers began the 1 and 3 mile walk in the heart of the nation’s capital. For the next couple of hours, the teams enthusiastically carried out their duties as ‘Course Marshalls’; some yelling encouragement, some directing the masses on the course, while others were helping the youngsters avoid puddles.


Volunteers directing the traffic in the right direction Four legged participants

As the clouds broke and the gloomy weather gave way, the last few stragglers finished the trek. The members of the RRT began to help clean up the mess by taking down the signs, helping to reopen the closed roads, and get the street traffic flowing again.

The RRT Volunteers

The volunteers left the event weary, but very thankful for the opportunity to help out. Thanks to the support of thousands of people, the American Heart Association raised over $1.6 million dollars from the event, to help fund the research needed to prevent Heart Disease in America.

Feedback from an organizer

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