Over 1100 entrants participated in the EnviroWaste Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in Rotorua at the Lakes Ranch Equestrian Centre on Friday 7th of August 2015. After recently providing a sausage sizzle for the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge on the 2nd of July in Auckland, the RRT was asked to provide their services for this event in Rotorua. The Tauranga and Cambridge RRT team have had a great experience in organising the provisions for this great event.

Cure Kids Foundation are the Charity Partner in this great event which occurs every year over a period of a some weeks in different venues around N.Z. Last year $20,000 was raised. This year Cure Kids has raised in excess of $30,000 through the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge! This foundation was set up to raise funds so that vital medical research can continue in quest to find cures for devastating childhood conditions, including asthma, leukemia, and heart diseases and many others.

Statistics show approximately 1 child in 30 is affected with these illnesses, which equates to 1 in every class. The RRT team arrived at the site at 7:45am on Friday morning, Marquees were set-up, BBQs were beginning to heat up and preparation for the day began. Over the two days there were approximately 1500 sausages cooked and served to the exhausted, happy participants and their families. Soft drinks were also provided.

On Friday, there were three courses which were:

  • Ankle Biters (7-8 year olds) 1.5km Course,
  • Little Nippers (9-10 year olds) 3km Course,
  • Big Rascals (11-12 year olds) 3km Course.

Participants in these races included many students from schools around the region. Prizes were handed out at the end of the day. There were spot prizes and a prize for the school that raised the most funds; Waikite Valley School. Saturday’s event was for participants over the age of 13. The 6 and 12 km courses included challenging obstacles like swamp crossings, a spiders web net climb, crawling under barb wire, tunnels, hurdles, a climbing frame, and mud mud and more mud!

The weather was even more miserable than Friday, which was inconvenient for the RRT but it provided excellent conditions for the Tough Guys and Gals heading out onto the course! Just as RRT had finished erecting the last Marquee, a bone chilling hail storm came blasting through nearly taking out the entire set-up. Thankfully this only lasted about 10-15 minutes.

A ‘shout out’ thank you was given at the prize giving on Saturday for the support RRT provided over these two days. We later received a thank you video clip from Keegan, one of the Cure Kids ambassadors, thanking RRT for all their support they provided.

This day gave the Rapid Relief Team a fantastic opportunity to provide food and support for this pressing event. It has also continued the relationship with Cure Kids and RRT are extremely excited to work with them and similar organisations in the near future to provide their assistance to these great events and are in full support for what they do. A couple of awesome days enjoyed by all!

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