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RUSH BC Lung Foundation held its 6th annual action and adventure packed RUSH event on July 11, 2015. RUSH (Race and Urban Scavenger Hunt) is a fundraiser for the BC Lung Association. All event proceeds support vital lung health and air quality research, education & advocacy.

This year’s RUSH event involved almost 150 teams of 2 that had to decipher clues in order to find and complete a minimum of 10 of 12 checkpoints around the city of Vancouver, Canada. The first team back to the finish line received a trip around the world.

The checkpoints included challenges pushing the teams to their limit mentally and physically. Each checkpoint held its own unique challenge such as archery, poem recitals, wearing a “bubble” and getting through a maze kicking a soccer ball, jelly bean tasting and many more.

The Bubble Butt was a challenge where participants had to get across the field kicking a ball with a “bubble” around them without getting bumped by volunteers with the “bubble” around them.

This year the BC Lung Foundation’s event “RUSH” raised over $75,000 towards the fight against lung disease and are still continuing to collect more donations.

Beginning as the Anti-Tuberculosis Society in 1906 and changing their name to BC Lung Foundation in 1978, the Foundation has been “helping to promote lung health and prevent lung diseases for over a century”. The BC Lung Association depends on donations from the public to support lung health research, education, prevention and advocacy, to donate and help in the fight against lung disease click HERE. (Can “here” please be a link to: )

With one in five Canadians with breathing problems, RRT felt this was a very worthy cause and wanted to be involved. 16 of the RRT volunteers from the Vancouver Team joined in the fun of volunteering at the RUSH event. RRT Volunteers helped in administering and monitoring many different parts of the checkpoint challenges. The coordinators of the event expressed their thankfulness to RRT for the team’s enthusiasm and support of the event. “I have heard nothing but wonderful things about every single person you brought from your team, and we really appreciated their enthusiasm and support on Saturday!” – BC Lung Foundation Event Coordinator

The volunteer team

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