Every year, during September, the Canadian Cancer Society hosts a Dragon Boat Event on the banks of the Red River in the heart of Winnipeg.  The purpose of this event is to raise critical funds for the fight against cancer.

September being the warmest autumn month, the weekend is usually the perfect temperature to attend the event, either as a competitor or spectator. Teams of 8-10 rowers plus a drummer and steerer per boat, compete in Dragon Boat races from late afternoon Friday until sunset and then again all day Saturday.

The event is a moving experience, attended by many people who have experienced Cancer and family members who have lost loved ones.  Personal experiences are shared of individuals who have battled and overcome cancer and what they are doing to help others in the fight.  The ‘Flower Ceremony’ is a highlight of the day; flowers are available for purchase and following a moment of silence, the flowers are all thrown into the river by the paddlers and viewers alike.

This year RRT feels honored to have been able to participate in this special event by handing out several thousand water bottles to the paddlers and spectators.  The exceptionally warm weather made the event a success and everyone was grateful for the cool water, a service which had not previously been offered.

The following email was received from the Event Coordinator following the event:

Hello Richard; 

The Rapid Relief Team did a stellar job at our recent September Dragon Boat Challenge; they were a real “added value” to the festival. We received many positive comments about them! And just as many questions – “who are these folks?” Your team made a positive impact on the paddlers and spectators! Thanks again to all for a job well done!

 Sincerely, Dave

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