With an above average monthly rainfall in June, Longreach may be nearing the end of their three-year drought. However, the struggle is far from over for the families of Longreach, many of whom have been forced to completely destock their properties.

The Warwick Community Disaster Relief Van (CDRV) recently made the trip to Longreach for the fourth time to deliver donations of food and other essentials to people in the area.  The CDRV is a Warwick organisation who first began raising awareness about the plight of the farmers in Longreach after a family road trip through the area. They have now helped hundreds of families by delivering food, water, stock feed and thousands of dollars in donations.

The CDRV once again asked the Warwick RRT for donations of food packs and it was decided that 80 boxes would be packed up.  Supplies were purchased and members of the RRT packed each item with care to make sure everything would last the trip of 1133km.

This time the CDRV called for ‘Winter Warmers’ so each box contained a can of soup, Cadbury’s hot chocolate, coffee, tea and much more.  In addition to the food packs, the Rapid Relief Team also donated 100 cartons of bottled water.

The RRT delivered the packaged boxes and cartons of water to the CDRV who then made the journey to hand deliver the donations to the waiting farmers. The RRT was pleased they could support this cause once again and will be more than happy to help out again for any future trips.

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