Held in the grounds of the historic St Patrick’s Cathedral in central Parramatta on Wednesday the 2nd December 2015, the team of 6 RRT volunteers once again took up the challenge at short notice to provide catering and support for the SIDS and KIDS Christmas Memorial Service.  This followed on from the Memorial Service earlier in the year at Lilyfield, and it was great to catch up and work with the SIDS and KIDS team again.

The RRT was given the use of the commercial kitchen in an adjoining building to St Patrick’s Cathedral, and this was a great facility to have available for the efficient catering to approx. 120 people.  You couldn’t help but feel sympathy for each of the families there supported by SIDS and KIDS, but we counted it a privilege to be able to provide support for this important community organization, by serving a light tea prior to the Memorial Service and supper afterwards.  The food and refreshments were warmly received with so many individuals making a special point of coming up and thanking us for it.

The RRT are happy to be included in supporting a community organization that really gets to the heart of needs in the community from families who have lost loved ones to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.), with the statistics showing a massive reduction in the incidence of it as a result of the research and community awareness programs. SIDS and KIDS has also evolved into an organization which supports families who have lost older children to terminal diseases and accidents.

So we hope that we’ll be invited to assist in future Memorial Services and Events – let’s keep the support strong for SIDS and KIDS!

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