For one week each year, the Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney celebrates the constant efforts and dedication of the staff and volunteers who work there. It is an opportunity to say thank you to the many staff and volunteers that work tirelessly throughout the year to help children.

Westmead Childrens Hospital Celebration week gives the Hospital and patients, as well as the general public, a chance to recognise the staff for what they do for the community.

Westmead Childrens Hospital treats thousands of sick children every year

Many of the patients and their families at Westmead Hospital spend a lot of time at the hospital, with a critically ill child, and the staff of the hospital help these families and children endure these difficult times. They always have a smile and a pleasant word to say to cheer up families at the toughest times of their lives. This energy and enthusiasm is a gift that often goes unnoticed, the Westmead Children’s Hospital Celebration Week was initiated to give recognition to these qualities.

Staff of Westmead Children’s Hospital enjoy the beautiful weather and free food during Celebration Week

This year, as with years previous, RRT Sydney joined with the Hospital in support of the staff, by providing a free meal. Due to the fact many of the Hospital staff work in shifts and wouldn’t all benefit from a free lunch, the Rapid Relief Team provided a free breakfast and a free lunch on Friday the 16th of September 2016.

Free breakfast and lunch were available for all

The whole day was a success; the new coffee cart was a magnet to the staff at shift change over; and the aromas of cooking bacon and eggs enticed many staff to come and enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast.

Barista coffee was a bonus!

As lunchtime came around more and more staff arrived, the RRT team of 36 created coffees, cooked and served burgers with fresh baked rolls delicious meat patties, lean bacon, roasted onion, fresh baby spinach, cheese and a selection of sauces for over 1300 which was greatly appreciated by all.Surgeons, nurses, care takers, cleaners, the CEO and many others were all served a delicious RRT Hamburger, refreshing drink and were treated from our recent trailer purchase to a barrista cappuccino or latte.

Long Queues were soon forming… … and it just got busier and busier!

The weather was perfect for the event and the many thanks from the Hospital staff were more than enough reward for the efforts of the RRT team. Sydney RRT greatly appreciated the chance to express the wider community’s thankfulness for the Westmead Children’s Hospital staff, a group of people who make an impact on the lives of thousands of children every year.

A great opportunity to recognise the staff’s input into sick kids

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