Tranby Day Centre provides day support to homeless people in the greater Perth area (Western Australia) as well as those at risk of becoming homeless through the provision of a safe accepting and inclusive environment in which support, advocacy and referral can be provided.
The service is aimed at people aged over 18 years of age. Breakfast is provided every morning free of charge with light refreshments and sandwiches also available. Clients do not require a referral to access Tranby’s services and can also see the Community Centrelink Team, Mobile GP, Street Lawyer and Individual Disability Advocate service from the Tranby day centre.

150 clients received breakfast on the day the RRT Assisted the Tranby Day Centre

Since March this year, the RRT has assisted the Tranby Day Centre once a month, by cooking and providing a free meal.

Preparing food in the carpark.

The first meal was on the 6th of March 2015. RRT donated 7kgs of bacon, 200 eggs and 200 bread rolls for this meal. There were around 150 clients to be served that morning with a bacon and egg roll and the option of a hot drink or a cold bottle of water.

Just some of the bacon and eggs being cooked!

The joint venture with RRT and the Tranby staff went extremely well and the clients were very happy and satisfied. The Tranby staff requested that the RRT come once a month if it is workable with RRT.

A line of hungry clients!

Since then, each month the RRT has gone back to the Day Centre on one day and cooked and served a free meal to a similar number of clients. Staff at the Centre welcome the RRT’s assistance and appreciate the reduction to their load.
Once a year the Tranby Day Centre has a large day in which they get bands and other entertainment for their clients and are planning to work with RRT to see what opportunities there are for RRT to assist there as well.

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