A child’s education is equal to their quality of life.

Green Square School enrols students in Years 5 to 10, who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges which hinder their engagement and success in mainstream schools.

The school successfully integrates students back into regular schooling or transition to work placements by going above and beyond to support their students to help them grow into greater levels of understanding and achievement in their social, emotional, academic, physical and spiritual lives.

On Monday 14th December 2015, Green Square School invited family and community members of their students to celebrate the year of achievements with a midday assembly and an end of year Christmas party.

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A total of 12 volunteers from the Sydney Rapid Relief Team were also invited to help out with the very rewarding job of supporting the students, families, teachers and support staff, by providing 100 chicken burgers and sausages, and serving up homemade cakes and sweets provided by the community.

We would like to thank Patrick Faucher, Principal of Green Square School, and his teaching/support staff for the value they provide to the community and also the opportunity to join in the celebration of graduating more students with a newfound opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a better quality of life.

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