The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne is world renowned for dedication to cancer research and treatment. The staff are outstanding in their commitment to their patients and their ongoing desire to find a cure for cancer.

RRT supporting Peter Mac

The new communications team at Peter Mac were very keen to honour the efforts of the dedicated staff by providing an end of year BBQ for them. This was something that had been done in the past but had not happened in the last few years, and the suggestion was to revive the tradition. Given that it was late in the year they were unsure how to pull it off, especially as there was no budget allocated for the event! With only two weeks to go they were put in touch with RRT in the hope that they might be able to assist. RRT agreed to not only hold the event but also provide the food free of charge!

The party begins

On 16th December 2015 the Lilydale Rapid Relief Team came to the party! Arriving at 10:30am they quickly got their equipment set up and started cooking. The brief was to provide a barbeque lunch for the staff of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in the beautiful Treasury Gardens to recognise the wonderful achievements of this dedicated team.

By 12:00pm the tantalising aroma of sausages and onions was wafting over the Treasury Gardens. The staff started to arrive and before too long they were enjoying the food and drink, and revelling in the pleasant surroundings. The staff at the Cancer Centre have a lot of stress in their job, given the sorrows that often surround them, and they were very glad to be able to relax together and take a break for a short while.

A happy relaxed lunchtime In full swing

The Lilydale RRT served over 600 sausages which were greatly appreciated by the staff. Over 25 kg of onions were eaten and considerable cans of drink and bottles of water were also consumed.

RRT with some of the happy customers

The Rapid Relief Team greatly appreciate the efforts of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and were thankful to be able to provide the lunch to recognise the benefit the staff provide to the community.

A great day had by all!

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