Do you ever take your home comforts for granted? Take a moment to stop and consider the many who don’t have the priviledge of the security of a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in.

With many facing increased financial pressures, mental illnesses and other adverse circumstances homelessness is a reality in most Australian cities, including Penrith.

Life is not easy for those facing the reality of homelessness in Penrith, but there are those that are doing their bit to make a difference to the lives of those effected. Paying It Forward Homelessness Services is a vibrant local charity in Penrith with a vision and passion that strives to bring comfort into the lives of many under privileged persons in Penrith.

From serving meals on the street to providing hygiene packs and delivering blankets, Paying It Forward Homeless Services do an outstanding job to make a difference in the community. Such an effort has not gone unnoticed by RRT who offered to assist the Paying It Forward team in their worthy cause.

RRT has been working with the Paying it Forward team for the last 18 months, cooking BBQ dinners and providing drinks to the homeless patrons on the streets of Penrith and would like to extend a huge thanks to Gen Jagt, Paying It Forward’s Founding Director, and her team of diligent volunteers for the great work they do in the community.

Keep up the good work Paying It Forward, you are making the difference.

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