Colin Manton is a sheet metal worker in Newcastle, just north of Sydney, who is currently suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome and has not been able to move from the neck down since January 2015. Colin remains very positive and there is hope of a reasonable recovery but his inability to work and the financial burden on his wife and 3 children caused his workmates to get together and organise a charity golf day to help raise some money for Colin and his family.

When the RRT Newcastle heard about the plans it seemed like an excellent opportunity to assist in a direct way and lend a hand to the efforts being put into the day.

RRT undertook to provide a lunch meal to all attending the day which was held at Charleston Golf Club – a beautiful venue for a nice afternoon out.

Most of Colin’s industry workmates attended the day and we were able to provide some 90 golfers (a good mix of players and hackers) with everybody thoroughly enjoying the sausage, onion, bacon and cheese on a long roll, with a piece of cake for dessert. All food was donated by the RRT.

About 3:00pm when the golfers were about halfway around the course, Colin himself arrived along with his wife and family, so the RRT were able to meet him. Colin was able to enjoy the atmosphere of the day, as well as the food.

The Colin Manton Golf Day was also a great opportunity for the RRT to present the van to the Mills family. Bethany and her sister thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon out and really entered into the spirit of the event.

The Charity Day raised over $15 000 for Colin Manton and his family, and was considered by everyone who attended to be a success.

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