RRT personnel assisted recently at a fundraising event in Gin Gin, a small township to the west of Bundaberg.  The event was hosted by the Gin Gin Gardening Club as part of the Cancer Council’s initiative ‘Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.’  This initiative is taken up by many organisations all over Australia in May and June every year, and proceeds of the functions go to the Cancer Council in its ongoing campaign to find better solutions for the treatment of cancer. In Gin Gin the RRT was represented by ten personnel (eight drawn from the nearby Bundaberg team, and two from the State headquarters in Brisbane.)

Their task was to donate equipment, food and drink to support the Gardening Club. From a local population of about 1,200, some 100 people attended the event.  The Gardening Club provided the morning tea accompanied by other social activity, and RRT provided and served lunches with a variety of drinks.  In all about 100 meals were served.

It was clear that the attendees had a high awareness of the sufferings caused by cancer.  Many shared their experiences in brief conversations with RRT members – some having had cancer themselves, and most having come close to it with family members and friends.  To have such a roll-up from the small community indicated a great commitment to do what they can within their means.

The Bundaberg Regional Council was represented at the event by the resident Councillor; he expressed his appreciation of the RRT, both in the particular event, and in the general concept of helping the community.  SES personnel were also present and there was some useful exchange of ideas.

The area surrounding Gin Gin is no stranger to calamities, including fire, flood and highway incidents.  With the relative isolation from city support, the residents have developed a caring attitude of looking after their own.  Having the support of the equipment and RRT personnel was a boost to morale, a realisation that they will not always be cut off from help. The Gardening Club were delighted with the turn out and with the assistance provided by the RRT.  The attendance reached the target number, and as a result of the combined efforts over $1,600 is now on its way to help in the fight against cancer.

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