Beyond the Square is a non-profit organisation set up for persons working towards creativity with disabilities. Every 12 months around Christmas time, they hold an event at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta.

On Wednesday the 19th of November 2014, RRT helped at Parramatta Riverside Theatre catering for the 400 persons with disabilities and their support personnel.

There was a lot of coordination involved in getting all the 400 people into the theatre, starting with those in wheelchairs and then working back to the seats in the gallery.

The event’s theme was Under Control, displaying the control people have over what they do in one way or another. A couple of groups got up on stage and performed.

Beyond The Square Performance

RRT provided all attendees meals of bread rolls, sausages, onion and coleslaw. There were many happy recipients of the hot meal – some came back for seconds and even thirds!

RRT Set up two serving tables to enable everyone to get their meals quickly, which helped to keep the large quantities of food warm.

Riverside theatre arranged for a band to play over the course of lunch, and they offered for volunteers to come up on stage and do a karaoke. This was to encourage those with disabilities to step out and try something different.

Karaoke at Beyond The Square

It was a great experience for RRT to work alongside Beyond the Square as it helped RRT see the effort and support that is needed to assist these people to reach their potential

Again RRT was privileged to be involved in a 2nd day at the great venue of the Riverside theatres doing another meal for the disabled and their caring carers, to support International Day of Disability. Another 80 meals were served with several coming back for seconds… And one even for a 4th sausage! It was great to be able to serve this community group and their trusted support teams. “I’ll put in a good word for you”, and “Can I get a photo of you all please? I want to put you on my face book page” were two comments from satisfied clients.

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