Frankston, located 40km from Melbourne CBD, is a bustling, bayside town. Located right on the water, it is one of Melbourne’s most vibrant, accessible waterfront destinations.  Unfortunately, like many other communities, Frankston has a significant number of disadvantaged and needy people.

The weather is frequently unpleasant during the winter months and this makes it hard for those in need, particularly those without a home.

On Monday 3rd August Homeless Week 2015 kicked off. With an event organised by the Frankston City Council at the Clyde Street Mall, it was underway. It was to be a day of activity with a free BBQ, free dental care, health checks and free giveaways.

As the mall started to fill with people the day got underway, with free giveaways and prizes. Many took advantage of the dental and health care while some got haircuts.

RRT was enlisted to provide the hot lunch. With the RRT trailer and various volunteers, the team got to work. The weather proved to be a challenge at times, and in keeping with Melbourne weather patterns, the day had it all – rain, hail and sun!

The hot meal was very well received by all. The Team served in excess of 100 meals, which were warmly welcomed. Many came and offered their thanks, not only for the food but also for the smiles and friendliness.

RRT was fortunate to work with a number of other community organisations such as City Life Café which provides an excellent service supporting those in need. They run a breakfast program and provide a hot breakfast most days of the week.

In all, there was a great community spirit and show of compassion and RRT was privileged to have the opportunity to help those in need.

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