On Wednesday, early morning, October 11, 2017, volunteers from the San Francisco RRT Team set out in two trucks to make a donation of emergency supplies at a few evacuation centers supporting victims of the wildfires in Napa Valley, CA. The trucks were loaded with water, coffee, food and other supplies.

RRT Volunteer Talking With A Fire Fighter Stationed On The Side Of The Road


RRT Making A Delivery Of Donated Supplies For Victims Of The Napa Valley Fires

The Team first headed to Sears Point, CA to see the level of damage in some areas where the fires had first started, on Sunday night, October 9, 2017. The next stop was in Santa Rosa, CA, which is about 60 miles north of San Francisco.

RRT Stopping To Take A Look A The Fire Damage

The volunteers found some of the sights along the journey hard to believe, with whole neighborhood’s devastated, and even had the opportunity to speak with a few of the families who were left with nothing but a story to tell.

Fire Victims Sharing Their Stories

On their way to one of the evacuation centers, the RRT Volunteers stopped at a gas station, and found people were coming down from the Oakmont neighborhood, with just what they could grab at the last minute. As the team was driving back from Santa Rosa, CA, they passed streams of fire trucks heading to more areas, which had just been ordered to evacuate. The fire was raging on towards Calistoga, CA, where a lot of the commercial wine country is located throughout Napa Valley.

RRT Donating Cases Of Water Bottles

The evacuation center was very pleased to receive the donated supplies from The Rapid Relief Team. RRT Volunteers found that even though it was a small donation, compared to the level of destruction and need, there were people very thankful that RRT had just showed up and was showing their support in such a time of need and distress.

Victims Sharing Stories And Thanking The RRT Team For Their Donation Of Supplies

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