On January 25th the Rapid Relief Team of San Francisco Bay Area, held an event at Oakland International Airport in Oakland California. During this amazing event, RRT served a hot meal to those TSA employees who were working without pay, to try and show some simple support. The meal consisted of an All American Cheese Burger, chips, a cold drink and a cookie, which were prepared from one of the RRT’s Mobile Support Unit.

The All American Burger

At 8AM, the Rapid Relief Team arrived in force with the Mobile Support Unit and 6 volunteers. Within a short time, the RRT was ready to start serving meals. Around 9:15 AM, RRT was well into their meal service in serving TSA employees. Throughout the next few hours, the RRT continued to serve those employees who came to claim their hot, fresh meal.

Airport Workers Enjoying Free Lunch In The California Sunshine

RRT was serving burgers from 9AM to 1PM while serving an upwards of 160 hot meals to these employees. RRT is honored to be able to try and help these much-needed employees of TSA, who protect our airports and commercial airways every day!

RRT Serving Burgers To TSA Workers

While the Security directors were pleased with our service, RRT was honored to be there. Each of the volunteers from RRT were extremely passionate about their task, which was well stated by a comment from Hadley Adams, Senior Security Official. He said, “these are the hardest working volunteers I have ever seen. These are truly passionate volunteers.”

TSA Workers Getting A Free Lunch

One of the volunteers stated, “our passion is truly to help others. Community, Compassion, Support, that’s what RRT is.”

Airport Workers Enjoying Free Lunch In The California Sunshine

These TSA employees showed much gratitude for the meal. One TSA employee told the RRT, “We are very thankful for anyone helping us. One meal provided by the RRT is one meal that we each don’t have to go out and buy.”

Satisfied TSA Workers After A Delicious Burger


Testimonial From The Federal Security Director For TSA At Oakland International Airport

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