Late August arrived in San Antonio, Texas, with temperatures still reaching a dangerous 100°F. On Saturday, August 25, the Rapid Relief Team took it upon themselves to provide some relief, by handing out icy water bottles in the popular Alamo area; which on a Saturday would be busy and full of hot, thirsty individuals. This particular area is a heavily populated area with many tourists.

RRT tent set up in front of the busy Alamo Another passer-by enjoying a RRT water bottle  Friendly RRT volunteer

The team set up the Rapid Relief Team tent at about mid-day and started handing out water bottles to all passers-by, which were well received by whoever they came into contact with. The water was very much appreciated, so much so, that all water bottles disappeared in a space of 30 minutes!! All 416 of them…

A well-received water bottle

RRT met a large variety of people from regions all over the world, some were from UK, Australia and beyond. One couple the team met from Penrith, NSW, recognized the RRT Logo from the large Hay Operation in Australia, where the Rapid Relief Team is helping farmers in the current drought!

Volunteers hydrating the crowds of people An RRT Volunteer handing out a water bottle

It was a good day, enjoyed and appreciated by all – Next time the RRT Team will definitely be bringing more water bottles!

Citizens getting relief from the heat

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