As a result of the recent partial government shutdown, many government employees are working without pay, particularly TSA workers who continue to keep us safe whilst we travel at airports all over the country. Across the nation, the Rapid Relief Team is providing meals to TSA agents, FAA Air Traffic Controllers, FAA Tech Ops, and US Customs employees, at dozens of major airports.

Serving TSA Workers  at Grand Forks Airport

As part of the TSA National Campaign that the Rapid Relief Team started over a week ago, a small group of RRT members from Neche and Pembina drove to the Grand Forks Airport to show their support. For two days, the RRT served a lunch to the TSA Agents and other Federal Airport workers, many of whom were continuing to serve their country, during the government shutdown.

Serving subs, chips and cookies

RRT understands a meal isn’t going to solve the current situation, but want our small contribution to reflect the ongoing gratitude for the hard work and service they continue to provide during this stressful time.

RRT Team On January 24, 2019


RRT Team On January 25, 2019

 When the Rapid Relief Team finished serving the workers in the main airport terminal, they were awarded a tour of the control tower. The team packed up and headed down to the control tower to serve another group of Federal workers affected by the shutdown. The RRT team was impressed to see the level of coordination and teamwork it took to keep everything running smoothly in the control room.

Grand Forks International Airport

The Rapid Relief Team was grateful for the opportunity to show our support to those who are affected by the government shutdown. RRT will continue to work closely with the TSA, and where possible, will further our efforts to feed workers at airports across the United States.

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