On Saturday, April 13th, an EF-3 tornado ripped through the small town of Franklin, Texas, leaving much damage and destruction in its wake. Over fifty homeowners were without homes – many with nothing left at all.


The severe storm had winds that reached 140 miles per hour, fueling the tornado virtually the entire width of the county. The Franklin Police Chief said it “looked like a bomb. It’s hard to describe. You’ve got houses turned over. You’ve got houses off foundations”. Following the storm, utility crews worked fervently to restore power and fresh water to the affected areas.


Seeing the heartbreaking devastation, the Rapid Relief Team from San Antonio felt compelled to provide some level of relief to affected citizens of Franklin. A team of twelve RRT team members made a three hour journey from San Antonio on Saturday, April 20th, loaded down with supplies for barbecued classic burgers and sausages.


Upon arrival, RRT set up in the midst of an affected area and began prep and set up, using one of RRT’s Mobile Support Units. Soon the mouthwatering aroma of a Texas Barbecue was wafting through the air attracting hungry, hardworking homeowners and relief volunteers alike.


While waiting in a line for their meal, folks shared their experiences of the storm. One lady spoke of being in the Florida Key’s during Hurricane Erma and then living in Franklin when the tornado hit. Her house had been demolished, and she was thankful for a hot meal. A local council member spoke that “God was good, we have lots of damage and loss, but no fatalities. God was good to us.”


The Rapid Relief Team will continue to support our communities in times of need. You can help support the cause by making a donation to RRT.


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