July 5th was a beautiful sunny day as the Detroit Rapid Relief Team rolled into the Bloomfield Township’s Fire and Police Campus off of U.S. Route 24 – the heart and action Center for the Townships first responders.

The RRT Trailer & Tent Set Up Outside The Fire Department.

The Rapid Relief Team used one of their purpose-built cooking trailers to provide a BBQ Experience for the hard working men and women. When the trailer arrived on site, the team got to work setting up for the event. Then waited for the sign off with the Oakland County Health Department to make sure that the equipment and food prep was done suitably for local regulations. Soon cooking was underway, with volunteers grilling burgers, cutting condiments, and preparing the rest of the meal.

Bloomfield Fire Men Enjoying A BBQ Meal.

As the crews from the Fire and Police Departments started to arrive for their evening meal, the burgers were presented with their RRT eye catching logo burned into the top of each bun. The first responders rolled through the food tent and then onto the seating area where they relaxed and enjoyed the food. The Burgers were soon followed with chocolate cake and cookies to finish it off.

The RRT Trailer Getting Set Up.

The crews came and went through the evening with a handful sticking around for most of the event. As the evening drew to a close and the departments were all pleasantly filled and they headed back to their duties. The last of the crews were finally broken up with an emergency call.

First Responders Enjoying Burgers.

The Rapid Relief Team happily cleared up the equipment and packed everything back in its rightful place. Once completed, the remaining fire officers gave the RRT team a tour of the station and their special command engine, an impressive piece of equipment with everything needed for an emergency.

RRT Volunteers Serving The BBQ Meal. 

The RRT Team enjoyed the opportunity to give back to their local Fire and Police Department of the Bloomfield Township and neighboring Bloomfield Hills. Hopefully the Rapid Relief Team will have a chance to do more of these types of events in the future.

RRT Cleaning Up And Packing Up After The Event. 

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