Hello, and welcome to March in 60 Seconds!


March has been an exciting month for RRT, with 301 volunteers serving 5177 meals at 34 events; this month included:


UK volunteers flew to Rome to support RRT Italy and witnessed the cyclists cross the finish line in the All Roads Lead to Rome ride organised by the My Names Doddie Foundation. These inspiring people cycled all the way from Edinburgh to Rome to raise money for Motor Neurone disease. They were greeted at the finish line with a much-needed RRT burger and endless admiration.


306 RRT personnel gathered at Ignite24, an exciting event where volunteers could network, discuss future plans, and check out new RRT products. It was an incredible opportunity to share ideas and reflect on past events.


This month, we took the brand new C3 van to RVT headquarters to serve barista coffee and doughnuts. This mid-morning boost puts a smile on everyone’s faces and marks a new era of barista-grade coffee on the RRT menu.


That’s all for now, see you next month.

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