The Early Bird Learning kits ‘come in a RRT branded box and contains food for four people for three days. It contains all the basics plus some very welcome treats. I have been very impressed.’


Rosslyn Park School in Aspley, Nottingham falls within the 10% of most deprived areas in the country. The school has 62% free school meals, 40% English as additional language and 22% of pupils with special educational needs.


The RRT team in Nottingham have donated the Early Bird Learning kits to the Rosslyn Park School, helping to minimise child hunger.

The Smarrt Bars have been a support for the children at the school, especially when there are school trips. Not all students have access to breakfast at home, and while they have their lunch, often they don’t have any snacks to keep them going.


‘They really give them the energy boost that they need. They’re very tasty. The children absolutely love them and are surprised that something can be healthy and tasty at the same time!’


Rosslyn Park School often sends the educational workbooks home with children during the holidays. They cover topics such as animals and food, with engaging illustrations, these types of activities ensure children can complete these tasks without needing much adult supervision.


As well as providing support through the Smarrt Bars and educational workbooks, these packs come with bowls, cutlery and several versions of Cookie the Kookaburra. Cookie can often be found in the Reading Corner at Rosslyn Park School, and sometimes goes home with children.


‘One child was going through a traumatic time. When I turned up with Cookie and some goodies, it gave him something to hold onto that was familiar and comforting.’

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