GRIN is a local Charity located in Gahanna Ohio, that supports the families in the community who ‘live below the line’ and cannot always afford a meal every day. GRIN ensures that these kids get meals provided from the school cafeteria during normal school operations, but during the long summer holidays they reach out to charities like RRT to provide the kids a good mid-day meal.

For six years, GRIN was run as a simple food pantry out of a home until in 1978, when it was relocated to a local church, allowing more room for growth. Years later GRIN has its own facility in Gahanna, where they continue to provide incredible support to those of their community. GRIN not only helps provide meals and summer lunches for Gahanna students, but also children’s clothing, rent & utility assistance, school supplies, weekend help for children, holiday gifts, and so much more.

RRT Columbus were very privileged to help serve lunches for one week in the middle of July.  The team supplied around 75 fresh-made burgers and sausages each day. RRT started off each day with setting up and preparing ingredients so the serving team was ready to go when the crowd arrived. The team kept hard at work in the burger production line, manning BBQ’s, and handing out chilled beverages throughout the entire lunch period, as the demand kept coming.

With the use of one of RRT’s Mobile Support Units, the RRT team was able to provide a true summer BBQ experience for these families. The burgers and sausages were a real hit with the kids, and to top it all off there were chips and fresh cookies.

With the week-long event being such a success, the RRT team appreciated the opportunity to be involved and continue to stand in awe of GRIN as they continue to help improve the lives of those living in need. We look forward to returning to this event next year!

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