The state of Texas was hit by two severe winter storms sending the state into record sub-zero temperatures. RRT San Antonio stepped in to help! RRT volunteers set up a drive-thru to hand out emergency Food Boxes to families in need. The drive-thru provided a safe and efficient method of distributing food relief to our struggling community.

Chaotic scenes played out all over Texas as people faced an onslaught of problems from the brutal storms, loss of power and a scarcity of generators, wintry indoor temperatures, acute water shortages, causing a huge spike in the need for food. The burst pipes in the state were causing flooding and slippery unsafe conditions. The stores, fast food restaurants, and businesses closed their doors, making it nearly impossible to get needed supplies. With highways closed and many roads and bridges blocked, hundreds of trucks lined the roads waiting to get into a Food Distribution Center and make their delivery.


RRT feels fortunate to support people through this difficult crisis and hope the Food Boxes have brought some comfort to those who have been impacted. To help RRT continue to support families and individuals in need with RRT Food Boxes, make a donation on our website today. CLICK HERE 




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