On August 25, 2017, RRT volunteers assisted at a Hood to Coast Event in Portland, Oregon.  The Hood to Coast Relay is a run to raise money to finish Cancer.  Over $50,000 is already raised for the next event with a goal of $650,000.

The Rapid Relief Team

The Providence Cancer Center has been working to end cancer for years.  The donations are used to fund research that studies ways to prevent, improve cancer treatments, and for patient support programs.  The Hood to Coast is not the only Event the Providence Cancer Center has set up to raise funds to finish Cancer. PDX to Coast is a walk relay and High School Challenge from Portland to the Coast. This walk relay is known as the largest in the world.

Runners towards the RRT Tent


Runners Stay Cool!

The Hood to Coast relay is a 199 mile, two-day relay, which starts at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and concludes at the coast, in Seaside, OR.  There were 1,050 teams of up to 12 runners each who completed in the 3- to 8-mile-long sections of the race.  In 2017, over $700,000 was raised to support this cancer research.

Runner Receiving a water bottle heading towards the sprinkler

The RRT crew set up the tent alongside the route and began handing out cold water bottles to the runners.  They also set up a ‘cool-down’ station where runners could go through a sprinkler to help cope with the 81 degrees Fahrenheit heat.  The participants were very grateful for the refreshment and encouragement offered by the RRT team.  It was a great experience being able to witness the endurance and dedication of the runners.  It was also amazing to see how something as simple as a bottle of water had the ability to encourage them to continue on to the finish line!

Runners cooling down with water!

The RRT team had a great time assisting the community and helping the Hood to Coast Relay event to help support their motto to #finishcancer.

RRT Volunteers waiting for more participants to come


RRT Volunteer Handing out water bottle

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