Gothenburg RRT reached out to The Connection in nearby North Platte in November, 2017 to inquire about what we could do to make their mission easier. The Connection is a refuge for homeless and displaced families and individuals.  Currently this facility has 32 residents and provides shelter, food and support to these persons.

A welcoming sign to many

Connecting with “The Connection” staff

The directors and employees are passionate about what they do and take their responsibilities very seriously.  Their motto is “We are a launching pad, not a landing pad”.  The Connection provides support for those struggling with addictions etc. and requires all residents to attend Church.

Donated personal items for the homeless

The staff works to get these persons set up on a different path and help them start a new life. The Connection provides services including church services to help encourage them to move forward financially and spiritually. To help fund their mission, they also run a thrift store from which all the proceeds go directly to fund the necessities for their residents. They provide 3 meals a day and ask that the residents pay a very small fee of $7.00 per/day to earn their stay. The residents that are not employed are also expected to help with the cleaning and maintenance of the facility.

Much needed household items donated by the Gothenburg RRT


Boxes of goods to be delivered to the Connection

The Connection staff asked if our community would be willing to donate hygiene and cleaning supplies which the Gothenburg RRT  was happy to provide. Two RRT volunteers delivered the items on Saturday, December 16, 2017. Items included in the drive were; dozens of tubes of toothpaste, dozens of toothbrushes, deodorants, health and medical supplies, paper goods, laundry detergents and plenty of cleaning supplies.

RRT’s Donation towards perishable food


Thank you letter from the Connection

Volunteers from the Gothenburg RRT met with the case manager, a resident who works full time there as well as another employee. The staff was very grateful for the donations.   It was a pleasure to work with this organization.  RRT looks forward to working with them again in the future!

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