May 28, 2016, RRT volunteers from Council Bluffs assisted at the local YMCA who coordinated the Loess Hill Run Event.  It was a Nice and sunny day drawing 32,000 more people than previous years for the 1 mile run, 5K run & ½ Marathon.  An explosion of intensely colored running gear filled the street where the starting gun was fired.

Awaiting the start of the half marathon

The half marathon started at 8 a.m. followed by the 5K run which started at 8:15 and finally, the family 1 mile run which was last that started at 8:30. The day progressed with good weather for those running and competing, and was apparent in some of the times seen from the competitors.  The first place in the half marathon run was awarded to a time of 1:17.03 along with the first place of the 5K run was awarded with a  time of 20:27.

The Second-Place Finishers of The Half Marathon

Along with several other volunteer groups, RRT assisted by monitoring the running trails, setting up and manning some of the water stops, cheering loudly, and providing photography.

Abraham Lincoln High School Cheer Squad at The Finish Line

The Council Bluffs YMCA did an excellent job of coordinating the event and recruiting runners from several neighbouring cities.


Runner coming through to the Finish Line


RRT Tent Set up near the Finish Line

Congratulations to the winners of the races and thank you to all who made this day a simple success.

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